Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lotsa time. No inclination to work.

Aah! What can i say?!?!?!

Now that the Chicago interview is beyond me, i have nothing to do w.r.t. R1 applications. HBS is still silent, Kellogg has started releasing results from Friday but my app went to complete status only last Friday and the Stanford app went under review only this Wednesday. So i have no news.

With nothing to do, the best thing would be to work on R2 apps. But i am not able to drag myself on to the essay writing table to start working :( Ideally, i must be writing essays for Columbia and start working on the apps of Tuck, Ross and Stern (this is the R2 list as of now). I have started all four online apps. I have analyzed the essay questions and also noted down the possible answers to most of them. All that is left is to sit down and start writing the essays and finish work.

It is perhaps tiredness, perhaps overconfidence, perhaps anxiety - perhaps everything. End result - i am doing nothing and i don't want to do anything. I believe i should wriggle out of this state and get going.

Time doesnt wait - the deadlines are fast approaching.


Anonymous said...


If you have shown the similar attitude in your applications, as you have shown in proudly displaying your scores on your blog, be prepared to be shocked as the results come out. Wharton result is a good indicator.

However, I really wish I am wrong, and that you will not get shocked, for I appreciate the fact that you have high goals. But, you better spend time on few R2 applications. Before writing R2 applications, go through a proper retrospection and realistic assessment about yourself, and that of the competition. Choose the schools wisely.

My sincere wishes are with you; good luck...


azhar said...

all the very best with your R1 results. I truly hope you make it to your dream school with all the hard work that has gone in all these months. I attended the Coumbia reception in Blr, and you have enough time for the app. Maybe you should take a break for a while and get back to it, full steam.

Iday said...

I dont think i have to justify/explain anything to someone who is so judgmental abt ppl, that he/she makes statements abt the attitude of a person whom he/she doesn't know well. Aah - forget knowing well, i shud have said "doesnt even know"!!!

Oh yeah - thanks for ur wishes!

I am attending the MBA tour in Chennai on Monday.
This is not a case of lack of steam. It is simply a case of laziness :)
Planning to get some work done today. Let's see...

Anonymous said...

I have been following your posts and profile. You have fantastic scores. Focus on R2 and get your ass moving. It will help you forget the anxiety and reinvigorate yourself.

Iday said...

thanks :)
working on R2 apps today. Guess i was a bit rusty. It is all gone now :)

Anonymous said...

Same here. So energy-less to do R2 apps. I think the absence of any progress / good news of R1 apps discourages us a little.

Iday said...

Bingo :)
I did some work today though. All the essays seem to be okay.

asiangal said...

Best of luck on R2 apps! I haven't even submitted anything and I'm already tired. =)

Iday said...

As time passes, i see my enthusiasm towards R2 apps increasing :)