Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy birthday blog

One year since i started writing this blog.

What started as a online journal to kill boredom after my CAT 2005 preps has turned into a place that has been with me through the CAT failure, the resultant decisions i took, the GMAT preps, MBA apps and everything else. In the process, it has also brought many new people into my life - all these ppl i hope to meet some day, either in the school i get into or during an inter school meet of some kind :)

Anyway - the blog has given me much more than what i'd hope for and i hope by the second birthday of this blog, i wud have moved out of applicant mode and into student mode.


asiangal said...

Happy Blogday! Wow you've been blogging for a year already? Although of course the entire b-school process takes anywhere from a few months (if you're crazy) to a few years of well planned out thinking, networking and applying.

Iday said...

thanks :)
Most of the year has been B School blogging. I started the whole process way back in Feb (GMAT preps) and started blogging about it sometime in March or April i guess.