Wednesday, January 17, 2007

News after a long time

The blog has been sleeping coz there is nothing worth posting :)

I do have something to say today - the ding from HBS. It was anyway expected - it was only made official today. So it doesnt hurt much :)

Tomorrow would be similar news from Stanford. Damn, i threw my heart in at those Stanford essays. All for nothing :)

Life has been full of Chicago GSB for these days. So these dings are just like a deep sea diver's temporary views above water level, before he takes the deep plunge once again :D


Anonymous said...

There you go....:)
I like your spirit

Peter said...

hey, well all that matters is that you got in *somewhere*, right? uchicago gsb is a great program and chicago is the greatest city in the world! (I was born and raised in chicago)

I'm jealous that you'll be able to eat Chicago-style pizza whenever you want. Medici in hyde park makes some of the best pizza in the city.

good luck!

JatWarrior said...

I was in your school last Friday (my 2nd visit)... facilities there are awesome :)

asiangal said...

Well they say all the self-discovery that goes into your essays for all schools is a journey worth taking in itself. Chicago is a great school, best of luck. =)

Iday said...

hahha :)

yep - and Chicago GSB i not just *somewhere* :) This is a end result i am really happy with.

thanks for the info :)
Hope u get in from the WL.

i agree with the "self discovery" process :)
thanks for your wishes.

Sudha said...

lol! nice analogy. its an amazing feeling when the dings don't bother u.
lets co-celebrate our stanford dings tomorrow :P

The One said...

Chicago is such a great school - you will totally have a great time there.

Stanford is such a tough school to get into - and its small class size does not help.

I tracked your blog during my journey - which is far from over.

Good luck at GSB

StressTensor said...

Nice metaphors! BTW, I was in Chennai a couple of weeks ago but had no chance to contact you.

Enjoy your time courting Chicago GSB!

Iday said...

so yeah - when does the celebration start???

@the one:
thanks for all your words :)

Oh that's bad.
next time u visit, let me know :)

rungee582 said...

S & H don't know what they're missing out on! Chi will be a great time.

Iday said...

I guess HBS missed a lot more by not offering you an admit :)

Hope u have a wonderful time at Wharton (if that's where u r gonna go)

MBA babe said...

chicago is lucky to have you! what an awesome school :) i think things happen for a reason - you were meant to go there!

Iday said...

@mba babe:
you stole my line - yep, i definitely believe that things happen for a reason.

I'm gonna make so much noise at Chicago - u'll hear it from Boston ;) And i am sure i'm gonna hear a lot of noise from Boston as well :D

Anonymous said...

Chicago is a fantastic program, your app must have impressed them since it seems they didn't admit many students in R1.

I've been reading the resumes of Harvard and Wharton applicants. I was extremely impressed, and that is an understatement.

Aditya A said...

Hi Iday,
Congrats for making it to Chicago GSB. Your blog is really insightful. Irrespective of whether i get a good gmat score or get admission in a top B School, this blog will be my favourite.

Thanks for writing. And hopefully u will keep on writing throughout your course