Monday, January 01, 2007

New year - "Unplugged"

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if i ask "How will you spend the new year?"
Definitely not what i did. Definitely not...

I spent the new year "unplugged", incommunicado, out of reach!!!

Now, neither did I go for a wild trek on the numerous hill stations around, nor did I visit one of the beautiful back water resorts which are only a night's travel away, nor did I hit the highways for a long trip with my biker buddies - even though i would have preferred to have done any of these.

None of your "ideas" on what i could have done will match what exactly happened.

I slipped water on my mobile.
How bad is that to begin a year :)

It happened in the noon, after lunch. I was crouching on my bed and was deeply engrossed in Straight from the gut. I had the mobile to the right and in a moment of carelessness, i toppled the water kept near the phone on to the phone. I switched the phone off immediately and tried cleaning all the water from the phone. I frantically blew out water from all possible locations, but was not sure whether i had completely removed all water or if a little water had entered inside.

After about 30 minutes, when i restarted the phone again, the display was screwed. It was as if i was looking at it through a thick layer of fog :( Some of the keys were also not working. I was able to make calls and send/receive messages though - so i know the phone works well. I switched the phone off again and decided to drop in at the service center tomorrow.

So for the entire day, i was all that i said above - out of reach :(

I just started the phone again - and to my delight, everything seems to be back to normal. The keys which were not working are working again and the display is absolutely perfect. I still did not want to take any risks - so i have switched it off again. I am visiting the service center anyway tomorrow - and will let them confirm whether the phone is okay or otherwise.

Great way to start a new year!!!
I've been using mobile phones for almost five years now (and this is my 4th model) and this has NEVER happened. I've been caught in the occasional rain, but nothing more than that.

This really is a funny thing - now that everything seems alright :)


Dee said...

Try a hair dryer the next time...take it from a 'crisis magnet' veteran!
And a happy new year to you..

Iday said...

lol @ crisis management veteran.

I dont have a hair dryer and i dont want a "next time" :)

Sudha said...

wow! u r reading Jack Welch? preparing for b-school already?
Happy New Year!

Iday said...

Reading is a way to improve my language skills :)

so is writing this blog ;)

MBA babe said...

haha! great way to start the new year :)

Happy new year!