Monday, January 22, 2007

The first hole in the purse

A hole as big as the first installment of the Chicago GSB enrollment fee :)
A hole as big a US$1000 :)

I just got back from the bank, after submitting the documents to obtain a draft in US dollars. Since this if foreign exchange, i was asked to fill as many as 4 different forms to enable them take the money from my account and issue me a draft payable to the school. Since most of the forms were in "Tick mark against appropriate option" format, it took my just more than 30 minutes (thanks to my really really long full name) to fill the forms. I think i am getting a taste of the paper work to be done in the next fews months.

Anyway, i'll get the draft tomorrow and i need to go gather the official transcripts (and official certificates as well) which have been with a friend for quite some time now. And i need photos as well. Sigh :(

Once i get all these done, I'll be sending in my enrollment package to the GSB. I hope to finish all these before the end of the month.

All this amongst crazy work.

Run Iday Run :)


Anonymous said...

Yayyyy!!! Congratulations!! It's not that big a sum... come on.. you are gonna spend much more than that when you come to Bangalore and take me out to dinner :P


rungee582 said...

I have a feeling you'll be running from this point on! It must be a great feeling to send that deposit in (well, maybe not to part w/ your money but certainly to know what it stands for!)

Ramkumar said...

start practising signing documents. after mba u need that practice afterall. :)

Iday said...

surprise no: 1 = did u just ask me out for a dinner??? :O
surprise no: 2 = assuming i take u out, you eat for more than US $1000 :O :O :O

surprise answer: Just because i want to see whether u can live up to the promise, i agree to take u out for dinner :P

All the other work (Visa, Fin aid) starts in March/April for GSB. So i am repeatedly being asked by my admissions director and student contacts to chill and relax for the next 2 months :)

So my "running around" w.r.t school isnt gonna be that hectic at least for the next 2 months. If u also included "running in the treadmill" and similar running, yes i'm running a lot already :D

yeah man. i've never signed two similar ones. so yeah, signing is fun :)

Anonymous said...

Yup.. I CAN eat for more than $1000.. at The Leela Kempinski :D


VenusDiCyndi said...

aww working as a banker dealing with the foreign exchange, i hear ya.. it does take too long tho. anyways congrats!!! now ur officially In GSB and all u need to do is pray for my admission to GSB lol.. then we can join the dance club together ;)

Sudha said...

woooo! getting asked out to dinner and finding a potential dance partner, all in one day! u r on a roll man! :P

but, come on. running around doing paper work amongst crazy work is not as tough as writing essays amongst crazy work!

Iday said...

The foreign exchange doesnt take time :) I'd get the draft tomorrow noon - that's less than 24 hrs. The difficulty was the forms. But as a banker, u must be adept at filling forms already :)

Oh yes! I'll pray for ya for sure. At least i'd get a dance partner ;)

yeah - i am on a roll. Just got back from the gym and my buddies say when i run, i appear to be rolling :) They're exaggerating i know, but i'm so unfit man :( I hate myself.

As for the comparison - if u enjoyed writing the essays (which i did) you would realize the difference :) After a long crazy day, what would you do - write an essay or fill the online data form???

BTW - the lunch slot is still open :P

Gotta Be Max said...

Congrats on the chic(ago) man! Looks like a lot of things are workin out for ya!

Guess its the start of the things to come!
Enjoi while the movie is rolling! ;)


ipoel said...

WOW!!! I'm so excited just from reading your post about all this going to B school thing... :) Have fun !!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you have 30K hits to date. Why not look into adsense, might as well start getting paid for your time blogging. :)

btw if anyone here got admitted to Oxfords SBS, please drop me a note @

Iday said...

Thanks man :) I hope the movie is a long one :D

Thanks :)
(after UCLA) I hope to hear more good news from u pretty soon :D

Oh no - i dont want yo use any Adsense :)

MBA babe said...

woo hoo! it's official now!! :) i think we're going to get used to the phrase, "what's another $1000 when we're going $120K in debt anyway"

Iday said...

@mba babe:
Look at the Harvard admit speaking about money :O

You can speak about everything but money :D

And even if u do, add another $20K to the sum, we'd be $140 in debts :)

Anonymous said...

dude.. congrats.. i am jealous that you are required to pay only a 1000$ deposit, as against 3500$ i paid a fortnight ago :( and happy that i paid thru credit card rather than sitting around and filling out all these forms :)

All the best...


vinod said...

Hi Iday,

Is it a HOLE - I feel it is POT OF DIAMONDS which you are now investing on !!!

Vinod here, Im an MBA aspirant who just started my MBA mission and I have been watching ur space 4 quite sometime and felt really intersting. I need a lot of help from you regarding GMAT and Good thoughts should be a click Away so, I have tagged you in my blog - If you have any concerns regarding this please drop a comment in my blog, Thanks !!!


Anonymous said...

How do I contact you ?

AGirlsMBA said...

This is true, but hard to know when someone will REALLY change.

Congrats on your deposit! I know it's a lot of money and work, but just think of it as the first step of the rest of your life!

Iday said...

This is the first of the two $1000s i am gonna shell out. As for filling up forms, i am sure u'll catch up very soon ;)

thanks :)

yep - a new life :)

Anonymous said...

lol.. filling up forms.. it sucks :( atleast for housing i don't need to fill up forms as the apart's are taken care of by dartmouth all i need to fill is an online form with the type and i get it allocated by lottery:)

-tvu said...

The 1st $ of many more $$ for an enlighten and upward career move. Congrats buddy!

Iday said...

dont get me started on housing. That's another complex equation to be solved in the next 3 months :)

thanks buddy :)

Ankush said...

hi iday,

i have been the silent reader of your blog and your posts at PG for sometime now. Congratulationf for the GSB admit. I also have started on my journey for getting into a top B school and presently preparing for GMAT. Your posts have always been very informative. but i really require some advice from you to do away some of the confusions i have. though i have been very active on the GMAT and the B school threads on PG but there are many things specially related to the application process, since i will be applying for fall 2008. It would be really helpful if you can clear some of my doubts. thanks

scipio said...

don't fret da... later etha ellam allikalaam

Iday said...

no issues man. shoot me a mail :)


Ankush said...

thanks i....sent u a mail on ur gmailid

Wakechick said...

I like your blog, congrats on joining us here at Chicago!

BTW, check out the latest DSAC blog post, it may be of interest to you.


Sreenath said...

Great!!! All the best

Anonymous said...

-mahesh chayel

Iday said...

yep. i replied too :)

hey - thanks for dropping by.
i saw the post in the DSAC blog. pretty useful!

needless to say, i'm trying all options here.

thanks :)

thanks :)

Achilles said...

hey iday,

i didnt get any mail from ur id, did u reply back on my yahoo acount only??
can u check it again once....sorry yaar for bothering u again on this.