Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dinged at Kellogg

My big bang beginning of 2007, continues :)

On New year day, i spilled water on my mobile. Then my right knee swelled up and gave me problems. It was so bad that i had to spend yesterday at home, unable to move my knees. Things are okay now - thanks to the medicines.

And now a ding at Kellogg. This defies any logic i can think of at the moment.

I thought my personality suited well with Kellogg. I thought my app was strong, strong enough to get one of those "post-waiver" interview invites. My interview was good - so good that i initially thought my Kellogg interview was much better than my Chicago interview. This has now changed coz i realize my Chicago interview was actually spot-on in many fronts. But still the Kellogg interview went on very very well. In spite of all this - i cannot understand how i can get denied :)

I guess I'd be losing a lot of hair analyzing this one, if i had no admits. With Chicago in the box, this doesn't hurt much. It does, a little, but i guess I'll wake up feeling no pain :)

I have ruled out the possibility of any news from HBS. And hopes of Stanford are almost gone as well :) So i think Chicago will be my only admit. GSB is a school i love (to put it mildly) and so i have no worries whatsoever.

Okay - i need to get back to that investigation i was doing about housing options in Chicago. This is one puzzle...

Cheers to everyone and good luck to all other Kellogg R1 applicants.
Tow more ding posts (after official news) and my app saga will be officially over :)


rungee582 said...

Sorry to hear about the ding. Who knows what goes on behind those closed admissions office doors... it seems so random sometimes.

High Above Broadway said...

You and I are in the same boat here. Congrats though on your admission from Chicago! If you are interested in a little local history, look up the Columbian Exposition and check out what used to be by Hyde Park.

JatWarrior said...

Well, as we all know bschool admissions can defy logic sometimes... dont aplit your hair on it and move on with GSB, which is a great choice.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried asking them why you got dinged. It would be interesting to know.

It seems this year Wharton and Kellogg are admitting applicants who already have their own companies or already have some entrepreneurial background. I expect this to be a trend since they're both pushing their their entrepreneurial programs. As for HSB, I don't have a clue why they're still in the top 10. I guess the network is so established and massive that alumni keep on coming back to hire.

MBA babe said...

oh no - i'm sorry to hear that. seems like kellogg is missing out on a great guy... but chicago gsb, here you come! not a bad place to be :)

AGirlsMBA said...

Thanks for your comment! It is a lot, but I'm nervous about being admitted, so I tried to overcompensate ... I hope it doesn't end up hurting me in the end.

Congrats on Chicago! It does sound like a wonderful school. I guess my hesitation is not on what is offered but what a schools strengths are ... definitely need to do more research though.

Inblue said...

Oh that's bad ! But as you say it hurts less when you have what you love - Chicago.

Iday said...

Yeah :)

@High Above Broadway:
Sorry to hear that man.
Thanks for your wishes and the tip - i'll sure look it up.

Oh - even if i had got into Kellogg, i was planning to go to Chicago anyway :) So this is not abt school selection.

Nope - i haven't asked why and i dont plan to ask as well. By the time they get back to me, i'll be doing my internship i guess ;)

@mba babe:
hey - thanks for that :) Chicago was first choice always. Just that i cannot understand why i got dinged :)

@a girls mba:
thanks for your wishes :)
Do some more research on all the schools. But then - your schedule seems crammed up already with so many apps :) Hope you do well in all of them.

Iday said...

Yeah :)
I've told u already - between K and chi, it was Chicago always. That is why it doesnt hurt much :)

Sudha said...

this is a huge surprise! I thought ur Kellogs interview was perfect. well, only shows that b-schools miss out on some really competent individuals because of whatever reasons.

so no hopes about Stanford, eh? did u get that newsletter e-mail which said they give out decisions on Jan 18th?

Dee said...

Hey sorry to hear that...but speaking from experience - i got dinged from LBS - after a lot of speculation & hurt I've realized they really weren't my type and thank god they figured it out before I could...after the introspection you'll figure it out anyways

Iday said...

Thanks for the "really competent individuals" :D

yeah i got the letter. the prev letter said they'll roll out invites till first week of Jan and this first week ends today :)

i have no hopes. so much for those wonderful essays i wrote :( i guess everyone writes wonderful essays for stanford ;)

LOL :)
I like both the schools that have dinged me. Wharton more than Chicago and Kellog less than Chicago. But we cannot have everything in life can we :)

BTW - I dont even plan to introspect on the dings :)

Sudha said...

I don't know how wonderful my essays were, but i sure struggled the hardest for Stanford!
It sucks to get dinged without even an interview :(

Iday said...

I struggled a lot too.

But then, we knew the awfully low acceptance rates at Stanford even when we applied :)

ipoel said...

More good things to come.. :)

Forrest Gump said...

never mind this ding, HPC is waiting for you !

Iday said...

Thanks :)
The best thing has already come :D

@forrest gump:
thanks :)
Actually - i am waiting to reach HPC. August seems so far away :(

Anonymous said...

Iday, I sent you a PM on the pagalguy forum. Please reply at your convenience. Thanks!

Good luck at GSB. I'm applying to Oxfords SBS class of 2008. It's the only one I'm applying to and I need to make sure I get in.

Anonymous said...

Congrats about Chicago!

My friend has made it to Chicago this year and he's quite excited about it.

@anonymous - the person who said that they dont know why HBS is in the top 10. ???

I understand that other programs are improving but HBS is still one of the best out there.

vinod said...

wher you did your UG from and what was your GPA ?? How many years of experience you have ??

Iday said...

I've replied. ATB

Thanks for your wishes :)

ipoel said...

Sorry to hear that.. For the bad luck.. were you born in the year of the dog ( chinese zodiac ), coz we'll be having bad year this year til February.. According to chinese belief

Iday said...

LOL :)
No - i was born in the year of the rooster :)

Nat4mba said...

I'm sorry to hear this news about Kellogg, but GSB is such a great place, that any doubts are out of question. Now you won't have to make tough choice between two great schools, as if you were admitted to both :) Congratulations about Chicago, again!

Iday said...

Yeah - no choice is good in a way :)

Like i keep saying to my friend, all we need is one admit and i am glad i got an admit from a school i love :)

Thanks again :)

AGirlsMBA said...

ha yes, yes i am on high octane....but almost done, yippee!! and jealous that you are already in!!

Sudha said...

iday - oops! i somehow got the captial"D" in my head and always thought 'iDay' was some blog name! I got a jolt when i read i-day as Iday for the first time. sooorryyy!(smiles sheepishly)

ipoel - i was born in the year of the dog!!! so that explains all my rejects? :P

Iday said...

you'll get in to ur top choice school too :)
All the best :)

Hope the jolt dint hurt u much :P
I've got used to ppl reading (and remembering) it as i-Day :)

Arun said...

Kellogg interview has just 5% weightage. This was what was told to me by my interviewer last year. As per him he gave positive feedback for only two (incl. me) of all the applicants that he interviewed but both got dinged (including me).

So it might be something else and we all know that the whole process is a bit unpredictable.

FSM said...

iday, i know i'm late but congrats on getting into GSB!

Iday said...

yeah :) The AdComs make sure u end up as a confused soul.

Oh! Thanks a lot :)

AGirlsMBA said...

Ha dont worry, I got every essay reviewd by a friend.

Good luck w/Stanford! Would you go there over Chicago?

AGirlsMBA said...

ooh, forgot to ask. F5 button?