Thursday, January 18, 2007

The app saga comes to an end

And not in a good note - a ding from Stanford :(

On raw terms, i applied to 5 schools and got into one. A success rate of 20% is not what i hoped for, when i started the whole process. Many would say i applied to schools with perhaps the toughest competition - but i already knew that when i started applying :)

As i traveled the journey, i surprisingly found that the priorities kept frequently changing and as a result, one school would outweigh the other and win my "top choice" spot. Surprisingly, if i were to rank these five schools today - my top choice today would be the school that first denied me :)

If i look at what i have in hand, and i have only one, i am extremely glad with what i have. Oh, glad would be a huge understatement. At the beginning of the process, i kept telling people that i'd be glad if i get one admit from any of the five schools i was applying to - because i was applying only to those schools where I'd be glad to get admitted. While i'd only be glad to have been admitted to some schools in the five, i am really really excited that the only one turned out to be Chicago GSB. This is it - a school that is perfect for all my needs.

Time to paint the blog red - expect some changes over the weekend :)


JuJu said...

Adcoms always say that you have to find the right "fit" and pick the school that's perfect for you. I always whispered "BS" in my head, because I knew they would pick that "fit" for me. I'm glad to have been accepted to one of my 6 schools so far, but am sad that my choice for the perfect school, HBS, rejected me. Good luck at Chicago.

asiangal said...

That sounds like a thought out and honest analysis. =)

I agree that applicants should only apply to schools where they would be thrilled to attend ... unless one has other priorities in life and cannot wait any longer for an MBA degree (thus the "safety school"). Best of luck with Chicago and keep on blogging! =)

leoaueb said...

First off, do not stop blogging! :-)

Second of all, I know firsthand that Chicago is a great great School! It's a bit bitter I guess when you don't make it to the love of your life, but trust me, it's just an idea. Once you're there, you won't ever again look back and think of W.

As for the fit, I only applied to 1 School in R1 (my dream school) and luckily I was accepted. I believe that's the best strategy to follow...

Enjoy your admit....

Iday said...

Thanks Juju :)
congrats on ur one admit and reg HBS, bad luck mate.

Thanks for your words :)
Will be bloggin for sure :D

Once you're there, you won't ever again look back and think of W.
there is absolutely no point in going to Chicago if i would be worrying abt W even after i reach there :)

W is out of my mind. It is all chicago now. As i mentioned in the post, I am so glad that i have this school in hand :D

merusavarni said...

Hey maan Iday

Sometime back i wrote in a response to your post that if you could use your background stories & execute the app well, you had a shot at HBS.

I'd read your other posts and based on what you had written were your long term goals (Tech to Finance shift), i would assume you couldn't get through at HBS & Stanford. I mean you have the stats and based on your posts, i would assume you must have written darn good essays. So may be (lack of)extra-currics and passion for the school, may have also played their part.

That was an unsolicited feedback but i'm only trying to find if my hunches were even close. So you can let me know when you hear back from Wharton feedback.

Till then enjoy your acceptance at the No. 1 b-school in US. :)

Iday said...

thanks for your words :)

i believe my essays were good and i have loads of strong extra currics - with leadership roles in them :) as for "passion towards school" - i think it is upto them to rate that :)

I'm not sure if i'd take the feedback from Wharton. I'm not gonna apply to W next year - and hence wud not wanna steal the slot from a prospective reapplicant. It could help someone get into W :)

yeah - i'll be @ the No:1 B school starting August 2007. But it is No:1 in only one of the ratings :)

ipoel said...

Hey Iday ! Don't worry we'll soon forget about this and look forward to the fall term... :)

Sudha said...

looking forward to the blog makeover :)

Iday said...

the worry happened in late Dec :) I knew it wasnt realistic to expect calls from H and S anymore. Now, as u said, i have forgotten these and am really really looking forward to fall :)

Iday said...

hoy - dont expect a lot :)
just some minor changes in the right side. i dont see the need for them anymore. also some summary posts to sign of my apping journey. that's all...

yeah - u'll see the Chi GSB logo :D

Nat4mba said...

iday: again, congratulations with admission to GSB! Personally, I would choose GSB over Wharton and Kellogg. H&S are really tough. Don't mourn about them :) GSB is such a great place, based on everything I heard, I cannot imagine that you would be sorry about missing other opportunities when you will get in Chicago :) All the best for you there!

Johny Cage said...

OK lets see the new theme of the blog now :)

leoaueb said...

oooh, by the way....

A cousin of mine considered to be one of the best IBers in ths US, was accepted by Chi, Wharton and HBS and chose to go to Chi over a decade ago. He still believes it's the best place to be... :-) And this opinion is also shared by the many nobelists who teach there...

Iday said...

why is everyone trying to console me :) I am extremely happy with GSB. Was just summarizing my results.

And yeah - i'd already mentioned in the blog that i'f pick ChiGSB over Kellogg. Wharton, i am not sure. That doesnt mean i feel bad about Chicago. Great Great school...

Thanks for your words :)

There's gonna be no new theme. Just a few changes.

If u wanna be an I-Banker, Chicago GSB is THE place to be. That is exactly why i am extremely happy that the only admit i have in hand is from a school that works really well for me :)

BTW - can you put me thru to your cousin, if u dont mind??? I have some queries to be asked to someone who has experience in the industry. I know i will know lots of people once i get to school, but now that i have an option, i am trying to see if i can get answers right away :) Dont bother if it is too much trouble for either of you :D

White Forest said...

hhmmm ..All that begins well has to come to an end :)

All the best for your admit to chicago!!

VenusDiCyndi said...

iday~ i'd be dancing all nite
if im admitted to Chicago GSB.
sorry about the bad news from
today i officially received
my first Ding.. and that from

Iday said...

@white forest:
Yep :)
thanks a lot :)

All the best for your applications. I hope you get an admit from Chicago GSB :)

Dancing all night - i've been doing that everyday from Dec 19th :)

righty said...

I knew you are not going to mind that a lot... After all, you have 'THE I-BANK' school... :)

Here is what I keep saying myself, though I am yet to get a positive response from that 'one' school:

If one dream is all that takes to change a life, one school is all that takes to chase that dream... :):)

All the best!!!

Alex said...

sorry about S.
well, I think that Chi is good enough for giving the opportunity to give you an edge for Ibank job.

Iday said...

yeah - u r right :)
I am going to THE school which will help me get THE job :D

And i am sure i am gonna learn a lot more and have a lot more fun, than just get a job :)

Chi GSB rocks - big time.

Thanks :)
Bizzare it might sound, i would have chosen Chi over S :) It makes no sense (and perhaps i dont deserve) to say this now coz i dont have the choice ;)

But i really think i would have chosen chicago GSB over Stan.

Ankush said...

hi iday,

i have been the silent reader of your blog and your posts at PG for sometime now. Congratulationf for the GSB admit. I also have started on my journey for getting into a top B school and presently preparing for GMAT. Your posts have always been very informative. but i really require some advice from you to do away some of the confusions i have. though i have been very active on the GMAT and the B school threads on PG but there are many things specially related to the application process, since i will be applying for fall 2008. It would be really helpful if you can clear some of my doubts. thanks