Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Packing woes

I started packing. Yeah, i know i still have 3 weeks before i fly to Chicago - but i wanted to know if i had spare room in the bags.

And boy, am i glad i did this now! I don't know how one can pack his/her world in two bags, with all those limitations on dimensions and weight!!! Since I'm flying British Airways, i have an option to carry a third bag with me, thanks to the students package. So I guess I'm fine. Two bags is just not enough!!!

I just packed all my clothes and find both the bags almost full, one with a max capacity of 25KGs and the other with a max capacity of 32 KGs. I don't even know if the bags now weigh under 23 KGs, BA's weight limit. I still have a lot of other stuff to pack in.

Looks like i got some serious packing decisions to make.


Karthick Gopal said...

spent a load of time reading your blogs. Great stuff dude and Good look! And if you by chance have retained your online material, I would much appreciate the passing over! :).

Johny Cage said...

Came here to download
firefox 2.0
but its not there....
I hate you :p

Thailu said...

Yea,packing your life into 2 bags is very hard. Think when you need to return after 10 months from a country when you pack your year's belongings into 23 + 7 kg !!!! My heart breaks everytime i do it and i need to do it again and again :|
Have fun shopping! Thts the best part though :P