Friday, July 20, 2007


Yesterday was my last day at work! So, now i am officially unemployed :D

The last week has been awesome! My manager's been ultra proactive about getting all my separation formalities done, so much that he kept calling all concerned people almost everyday (something i shud have been doing) over the last one week and ensured that everything was ready on Friday. He is VERY VERY famous for his promptness and the effortlessly smooth way in which he gets his tasks done! So, this was nothing new, but worth a mention for sure :)

Last week threw a few pleasant surprises as well. My mentor (whom you all know very well by now) hosted a surprise farewell lunch for me on Wednesday. In all 4 years that i have seen him, he's done this for very few people - there are only 2 that i can remember :) As if the gesture was not enough in itself, he also gifted me a Swiss army knife, and a few honest pats on the back with some nice words for the future!

Thursday i hosted a lunch for my team members and that was fun too. My manager, who has hardly attended any outside gatherings over the last 2 yrs, attended both the lunches (with pressing commitments on both days) and that was a pleasant surprise too. The team members were all very warm in their farewell, and i also received a cool gift voucher as a parting gift.

Overall, the 4 yr long experience with my ex-company has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, as i went thru the few highs and many lows of being employed in an Indian IT services company. Nevertheless, the experience has certainly improved me - both as a person and as a professional.

That's one chapter of life closed and I really look forward to the beginning of the next in a few week's time.

Now, I'm all set to do one of my favorite activities for the next few weeks - shopping!!! Then comes packing and then flying :)


Sudha said...

welcome to the club!
congrats on being "jobless" :)

Fall2008Aspirant said...

Hi Iday
I came across your blog through a link on Pagalguy, which I visit frequently. I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question but here goes - I am a Fall 2008 aspirant. I scored 760 (Q-51, V-41) on the GMAT. However my AWA score turned out to be just 4.5. I feel that I wrote impressive essays but was penalised because they were short (about 250 words). Is it OK? I really can't take GMAT again and need to hit the Round 1 timelines. Could I request the AdCom in the optional essay to go through the AWA essays and evaluate them independently?

Iday said...


That should be okay. I dont even think you should ask the Adcomm to evaluate it separately.

Short AWA essays are a recipe for bad scores!!! But i dont think u need to retake GMAT for the AWA scores.

Fall2008Aspirant said...

Thanks for the info, and wish you the very best for Chicago GSB!

rungee582 said...

being jobless is great isn't it (as long as it's on your own terms, of course)! :) Congrats on officially crossing into the student world again.