Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blakstone to acquire Hilton!!!

Check this out!!!

There is something in the article that caught my attention "Like other hotel chains, Hilton in recent years has moved to emphasize managing hotels rather than owning them." There is another article (and the same text for most of the part) that mentions many such acquisitions, and also says that many more are possible.

Looks like the market is really ripe and up for the taking, provided the price that has to be paid for it is paid (in cash perhaps). I definitely believe that this could be true of many other industries and there is a beautiful synergy in letting the money managers (whose primary intention is to make money) to manage the funds and letting the management guys (whose primary intention is to manage) to run the place.

Anybody's got a few billion dollars???
I need to buy a hotel chain!!! What's for sale today???


cs@hbs said...

Hi Iday,
Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Good luck in Chicago and with buying hotel chains :)

DreamingLady said...

Hi, Iday:

If you buy one, can you add me to the board member? :) I am interesting in hotel management too.

Hobbes said...

How r u? Long time! :)

Good that u mentioned Hella's list. Lemme also do that.

So Chicago it is for u, right? Done with ur visa etc etc etc ?

Anonymous said...

Hi IDay,

I am an applicant for Fal 2008... and I just have quick question... which are the schools that does not give a TOEFL waiver (Am from Chennai and have had an englsih medium education all through out...)


Anonymous said...

Yep. Its a great deal for hilton, the purchase price pegs hilton at 13.5 times its 2008 EBITDA. you have to be cautious with all the terrorism and econ risk before you want to go into this sector. However some analysts' data are showing the supply to trail demand. so good for you if you can ride the wave.

Anyway, came across your blog. I will be attending the gsb as well - part time. Feel free to check my blog at :