Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The house hunt

It is over! I now have an address in the USA!!!

This is the first time i have chosen a house without seeing it! But the high-rise i chose has been a perennial favorite of GSB students over the years. I was also lucky to have a classmate from India go visit the high-rise and other alternatives in the neighborhood. I'm purely going with her evaluation, but i am sure i can go with it.

The apartment is too high, higher than anywhere i've ever been! Shud be cool...
Cant wait to get to it in four week's time.


cs@hbs said...

congrats! any ikea's nearby, or are you getting it furnished? :)

globetrotter said...

Thanks for all your informative posts. From personal experience, Chicago is a great place to be and if I don't get into GSB next fall, I plan to move there somehow.

pradeep said...

Can you please add a link to AspirantHunt on your blog

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Leans said...

Congratulations, my friend. I don`t know you but I would like to know you by chat or else. Sign my blog. Salutes from argentina.

AspirantHunt said...

Thanks , I am reachable on gtalk (pkmittal82)

Talk to you soon.