Monday, April 16, 2007

Tourist? Me?? GSB says No!!!

Well - this is what arrived via USPS (with a bit of help from the Indian Postal Service) this morning.

The package is the first in a series of post enrollment material. This packet basically has a "Welcome to GSB. Glad you enrolled. You will have a great time here." letter, and a huge load of information on the various housing options we have in Chicago.

We can choose between Graduate housing or Private housing. Graduate housing includes houses around the school/university campus which are allotted by the University, the New Graduate Residence Hall and the International House.

For those who opt for private housing, the packet has materials to help us learn about the various Chicago neighborhoods. The Not For Tourists Guide tops them all. It has got lots of information, maps, pics etc etc.

I am yet to read the guide, just skimmed through it once. I thought I'd drop a line before I go on a virtual Chicago tour :)

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Boywonder said...

Iday, long time reader, first time poster. Looks like you and I will be classmates next year. Have fun the rest of this spring/summer...and I'll see you next year!