Sunday, April 15, 2007

And thus, I become a mentee

Chicago GSB has an organized mentor program, where the admits get the opportunity to select first year students as their mentors.

Many first-year students participate in the Mentor Program, and they answer questions we have about the GSB experience, such as choosing classes, conducting a job search, or getting involved in student activities. Basically to leverage the experience they've had over the last few months. The school also uses a open system, where we can view profiles of all mentors and select the one who fits our requirements.

After shortlisting profiles and trading mails, today i finalized my Mentor.

He is an American by origin (though his name suggests he is an Asian), been in Tech Consulting for six years before coming to GSB and currently has a summer internship with a Bulge Bracket Investment Bank.

Perfect :)


Forrest Gump said...

that's cool. i went to that website once and found so many current first years lined up as mentors, but i didnt realise that we gotta send emails etc as well.

Sreenath said...

Good man..all the best!!

MBAstarter said...

With lot of questions in our minds as we prepare to take off, these mentors sure can be of great help...