Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The BoB vote ballot

As a nominated Blogger, i was asked to fill the BoB 2007 ballot by the ClearAdmit team. The mail with the ballot reached me on 6th April and i have been trying to fill it ever since.

The list of nominees is long - 25 applicant bloggers and 25 student bloggers. As one would expect, i have been following most of the applicant blogs. So making my votes here was kind of easy. I still had to make some hard decisions in certain categories - especially the 3 nominations for the best blogs. Finding the "Best Single post by an applicant" was another difficult vote. But i have finished it.

I haven't been reading too many student blogs. I have definitely read a few posts from all nominees, but I certainly haven't been reading all the posts of all the nominated students blogs. Since i dont wanna make a so-so job with this, i am trying to read all these blogs completely before i decide my votes. This is taking a loooooong time and i have only finished 10 of the 25 student blogs.

I hope i can finish this soon.


RusGirl said...

Wow! Read _all_ the student blogs is a very solid approach. Good luck :) And share the gem posts when you find them ;)
(alternative BoB :)

Sudha said...

wow! i am amazed at your commitment to make the right decision :)
I am actually just leaving those sections that I don't know about blank, and vote for the 2-3 blogs that i like most.

scipio said...

Congrats da... Hope you win.