Monday, September 22, 2008

Recruiting v2.0

A sunny morning
and Bon Jovi songs
A warm cup of chai
and a WSJ mourning Wall St.
A clean shave
and a hot shower
A pressed attire
and a splash of dash

Everything looks perfect, to begin full time recruiting here at the GSB...

The next few weeks promise to be intense and fun, and hopefully will have a good ending!!!
Good luck to me :)


OMGparishilton said...

yours is the most optimistic blog ever (meant to be a compliment), good luck for the recruitings

larrysHW said...

curious, is there a dash du recruiting-season at UChi ?

Iday said...

@omgparishilton: Thanks and Thanks!

@larryshw: The answer would be no, since i dont even know what "dash du" recruiting means! Could you explain please?

Sachin K said...

bestes iday :-) and i too like the optimisim.

Anonymous said...

All the best for your recruitment, iday :)

This is my first comment in your blog, though i have been following it for a year! great work, keep it up.


EveReady said...

Return victorious!

My best wishes with you..

Mr.V said...

My best regards Iday!

Your blog is the probably one of the best written ones!

I would really appreciate if you check my mail ( from Vinoth Baskaran ) to u on ur blog mail id. Expecting some assistance desperately. Thanks!

madhu said...

If not you who else machi! All the best da.. Keep me posted :)

Ricky said...

hi iday

this is ritesh.. it was great meeting u at the LPF.. ur blog rocks.. and all the best for the recruiting season..

Aravind said...

All the Best Iday.