Sunday, September 07, 2008

A job through my blog???

I've been quite irregular in checking the email id mentioned in the blog. Even more so in the recent few days, as there's a ton of housekeeping work i had to do after reaching Chicago. And there's so much catching-up-with-buddies to do. After a week - I'm king of breathing easy.

I was thinking of the mails since yesterday and today morning i was motivated to follow up on all the mails. Among the pile, i find this one mail from a certain feedcompany. They are part of a recruiting initiative currently underway at Deloitte - Born2Consult.

So the deal is that i share this video (it is quite funny - take a look) and feedcompany would forward my resume to Deloitte. Quite neat eh! Many things have happened to me through the blog - finding a job was something I'd have never thought about. Blogging does give something back, apart from the pure pleasure of writing :)

Enjoy the video and wish me luck...

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OMGparishilton said...

this is a mass email, that any and all blogs even remotely connected to the word MBA have received..