Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm alive, yeah...

I know. Long time, no see!!! Life has been hectic. This quarter has been a great turning point coz i have been forced to introspect a lot and ask difficult questions to myself. After brooding on them for quite a while, i believe that i am beginning to hear answers from within. My first real winter has been an unforgettable experience.

I've been reading a lot these days. Course material of course. I'm doing that a lot more this week coz I have my winter quarter finals next week. Apart from that, I have been using many forms of media to read/hear/see a lot. The Economist Audio Edition is a GREAT tool. I've been able to cover a lot more of the magazine this way, than the traditional book-reading way. Highly recommended. I also signed up for HBR, and the issues being discussed and the perspectives are really really good. Not that HBR needs by support - but I'm just declaring myself to be an official entry into the really long list of HBR fans.

A few days ago, i happened to find out the podcast on CNBC's "The Business of Innovation". Ignore the "in house innovation expert" though, i find him irritating. But i guess he's there for shock value! The show is very well packaged, with very relevant examples, discussed important topics on innovation and it's got me hooked on to it.

I know i really haven't written anything about this quarter. I am struggling to find time to write something for the blog. I finish my exams next week and I promise a quarter round up for sure. May be more than one post.

A few points before i go:
Admit Weekend 1 happened last weekend. It was great - i met a lot of people who i met during the admission process. I look forward to seeing them all back in September.
Second round results are around the corner. Goo luck to everyone who's been waiting with crossed fingers.
Spring is here. Yaaaaay....
I'll be in California for Spring Break. If any one is around and wanna catch up for coffee/drinks - leave a comment.
I've got a great but hectic spring quarter with 4 course. More on that later, once things get confirmed.

That's it for now. Take care everyone.
Let me dig deep into Futures & Forwards & Options...


Anonymous said...

What happened to your internship? Are you still looking?

Ajay said...

"I'll be in California for Spring Break. If any one is around and wanna catch up for coffee/drinks - leave a comment."

Hi Iday.This is Ajay from San Jose,CA.Which city you'll be ?
If you are near San Jose or San Francisco can we need once or a coffee /Lunch /Dinner ...whichever u say ..

Priya said...

Hello Iday, another cliched version from a prospective GSB applicant. What is more applicable is that I am a techie too looking for a career switch to IB. Mind sharing your email address so that I can shoot a few questions on the app process? FYI I am fortunate enough to have attended the GSB Live last year.

Iday said...

ajay - i stay in fremont, but i might spend the weekend in stanford, or atleast part of it.

priya - shoot me an email at the id in my profile page.

Ajay said...

Hi iday,
I have send you a detail mail on your gmail id.Please reply so that we can plan our meet accordingly.