Monday, March 17, 2008

Good luck R2-ers

This is finals week, and things are understandably crazy. I have an exam in exactly 39 minutes...

GSB R2 results are out this week and i guess they would start calling people from today. I dont have first hand information, but that is what happened last year. I remember being there, and I just wanted to wish everyone on the other side of the bridge very good luck. I hope to see you on our side very soon.

If you happen to get in and think i can help you in your decision anyway, feel free to drop a line.

Update: I'm not sure if it is my insomnia, or if there has been a change in dates, but the results will be out only on 26th, says this page. Still - my wishes stay :)


Anonymous said...

decisions will be released next week. Only for WLs from the 1st round decisions are out this week

Gopal Sukumar said...

So catch you on the 27th morning my time. :)

Gopal Sukumar said...

And by the way, what the hell are you doing with the blog page at the 39th minute to your exam?

A relaxing strategy or the consequence of too much insomnia? :)

Apoorva said...

Hey there! Been a regular reader but commenting for the first time (with a rather selfish motive!).

I'll be at the 'Chicago GSB Live' event @ 11th of April. A rather basic question - do you recommend business attire? Since its not an interview but more of a meet the students + attend a few classes n get to know the university, does it make sense to dress business casual, or is it a safer bet to be there in a suit?

Appreciate your response.

- Apoorva
(apoorvajoshi at gmail dot com)