Saturday, January 12, 2008

Talk about timing

I'm down with a fever. The doctor on call @ Uchicago-hospitals says it could be some sort of viral infection. I had to skip a career services event today, where i was scheduled to have a mock interview. Our interview week starts in about 10 days. I have a bunch of mocks lined up during next week.

I've fallen sick at exactly the wrong time!!!

After 15 hours of sleep (and that's quite a waste of time actually, considering what's happening around), after taking medicine prescribed by the doctor and some comforting phone calls from friends - i feel slightly better. I have SO much work to do; i am actually looking at an all-nighter. Like everyone at school, I have a tough 3 weeks ahead. Three classes to which i have vowed my fullest possible commitment, recruitment, Chibus (our first issue coming out next week) and customizing myself (as clearadmit put it) - makes for an overflowing calender. I still enjoy doing it all, just hoping my health would return to normal soon.

I believe it is recruiting time at almost all schools, with fellow first year bloggers blogging their experiences and perspectives. Here's wishing them all good luck in their respective job searches. Hope you'll find the job of your liking, and come out with posts about the same in February.


Rahul said...

Definitely a bad time to get sick. Get well soon and crack the interviews.

cs@hbs said...

good luck! don't worry, everyone gets a job at the end ;)

The Indian Alchemist said...

Good luck iday..T C.