Thursday, January 17, 2008


7:30 AM today, on a call with my publisher...
Me: Well, thanks for all the help! Have a good night!
She: (After a pregnant pause) Well. To you too.
Me: Oh Wait! Did i just say Good Night???
She: (Chuckle) Yeah!!!

It has been that kind of a week. With classes and recruitment at their rigorous best, B school is back again. In the middle of all this, we just submitted our first edition of ChiBus for print. The paper should be in our hands today noon and i cannot describe the excitement and fear. Since people are busy with recruitment, it was just me and my co-editor in chief from start to finish, with considerable help from three other souls. End result: near sleepless nights for the last three days. The best part was when i wrote my first editorial in the bus on my way home. I had to suit up and attend a recruitment event and the bus journey was the only time i had in between. It was crazy fun!!!

Well, i hope the paper came out alright. We'll know this evening.

I'm gonna crash now. Good day folks.

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Rahul said...

ha ha. that was a good one. am sure the issue would be great. do send me the soft copy if you have one.. :)