Saturday, December 22, 2007

GSB round 1 results

I know i am late by a few days. Better late than never i guess...

Admission round 1 results were out on Wednesday and i vividly remember the feeling of receiving the phone call from Chicago. I also remember my other dings and how bad they felt.

So congratulations to all those who got admitted to the class of 2010. If you decide to matriculate at GSB, i can promise you, you are in for the an awesome time. If you decide to join elsewhere, you would still have an awesome time :) And commiserations to those who received bad news. Hopefully you will hear good news from your other applications.

For those on wait list, i know it is a tricky and painful wait. Forrest Gump, a classmate at GSB, has posted a nice set of pointers that you might find useful.


Ajay said...

Hi Iday,
You was planning to visit CA in this month ? I heard as I was driving "US PG meet" therad .....

I'm currently perparing for GMAT.Need your valuable guidance...Please let me know your email id...

Thanks Boss,

Hemant said...

Hi Iday,

Grateful if you could please drop an email to me at

I am an 2010 applicant and would much appreciate your help on a few questions.

Many thanks,