Friday, December 21, 2007

The best way to spend a night on the winter break... to swing to Bhangra beats. Thats what a bunch of us GSBers did yesterday night at Desiparty in Chicago. DJ Rekha from NYC was the special attraction for the night. Thanks to the friend who informed us of the event, we had an awesome time last night.

The music started alright - it was typical Bhangra. It was not too upscale though - the first 30 - 45 mins was actually a dud. The music sounded very repetitive. As time went by, the music got better. The trouble was that they kept playing Bhangra all the time. Once they started mixing Bhangra with a few bollywood numbers and Western pop music, the impact of the Bhangra music became more evident. The night went on till 4 and I stayed the entire length, even thought everyone who came with me left around 2.

Dance is a huge passion for me. So much so that I believe that it is my best mode of expression, the most natural mode in fact. I believe in totally letting go on the dance floor. Many of my best moments ever have been on the dance floor. So, why am i rambling about all this here? Because i had the most fun on the dance floor yesterday at the party. The best i could remember. Reason - good company. In my GSB classmates, I found the best dancing company I could ask for. Some of them are arguably the best i have seen in GSB so far. Dancing with them was just unbelievably awesome. The result was that yesterday night was "fultu" fun!!! Thanks for the fun folks, and I am definitely looking forward to many more dances during my stay at GSB.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the pics,dude?
- GT