Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First few days of school

The Class of 2009 at the Chicago GSB began their two year roller-coaster journey on the 4th of September at the Rockefeller Chapel in the University of Chicago.

It started with the welcome addresses by dean Edward Snyder and a follow up speech by deputy dean Stacey Kole. Since then, we've been attending one information session after another and another. The amount of information we have been absorbing is overwhelming, but if you say that to any MBA student, they'd say - welcome to bizz school :) I have somehow managed to handle all the information, the many networking events and even the process of getting to know the lives of more than 550 people in about a week and a half.

A lot to handle, one might say (and many might accept). But believe me, it is pure fun!!!

As a part of LEAD, we visited Lake Lawn Resort in Wisconsin last week for a three day retreat and it was a blast. We had a session of high-rope courses and we also had a chance to do entry level zip-lining. The second years organized a carnival and casino type event (which ended in a dance floor) and that was a lot of fun too (Hey- i made my first golf shot, threw the rugby ball and learnt a bit if Craps, apart from many other things). Finally, there were team building events that were very very interesting and helped us really learn something about team dynamics. Lot of unofficial partying on the sides as well. During all this, I should have met atleast 250 of the 550 of my classmates, at one event or the other. Three days of absolute fun, which meant that we spent the weekend recuperating ;)

Our class, supposedly, has already built a reputation for being a heavily partying one (info shared by a second year) and i am sure that we will only be adding to that in the months to come. Just too many parties ;)

Finally, we got to some serious business on Saturday, when bidding opened. Bidding has been on the top of every one's priority chart for the last few days and it FINALLY feels like being in school. GSB's bidding system is very complex and takes some getting used to. I have put down my bids and I'll know the fate of my bids on Thursday. I really hope (and at this point of time believe) that i will get all my first choice classes.

This week had a few less significant info sessions, apart from some LEAD classroom programming. I think things will pick up again later this week, once the bidding window closes. With a semi-formal on Saturday, i am sure we have a nice weekend to look forward to.


Santosh Venkat said...

hey thats amazing man......just WOW. it just makes me want to attend school right away. I was daily checking ur blog to see a new post and finally i am satisfied..please do keep posting the happenings in school. dont worry u will get the courses that u bid for!!! :)

and did u meet up with keya, inblue etc??? how r they??

Iday said...

I met Keya. Inblue deferred her admit - so i guess i'll be meeting her next year.

BTW - you dont have to meet them to know that they're both great people :)

Nice Guy Eddy said...

I have been following ur blog for quite sometime now...very intresting and informative...keep blogging

MBAstarter said...

Good to that know you are having a nice time there. Let the parties continue :)

Anonymous said...

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