Friday, September 28, 2007

First week of classes

It was rough. It was fun. It is over.

The academic rigor of GSB was one of the things that made the school attractive to me, and i am experiencing it first hand. It is redundant to talk about the profs in the school, as the whole MBA/business world knows about the faculty in GSB. As someone who sat thru three classes conducted by some of these professors, I should accept that they did beat my expectations. I'm more impressed by their approach towards conducting a session in the class - it is very engaging and makes one think beyond the obvious questions. I'm thoroughly enjoying the classrooms.

This week was fruitful in a lot more ways too. I joined a bunch of clubs in school (professional, social, sports and fun) and their events have started happening. GSBs famous TNDCs have begun and so are the numerous social events organised by the many groups one would be a part of. My calender is getting cluttered with hoards of entries and life has changed into a series of hops from one thing to another. I am enjoying the ride though. It is definitely fun, just that one must know his priorities and know what he/she is adding to his/her plate. It could go totally wrong if you get carried away with the multitude of options any top Bschool would offer.

Looking forward, i can see that the concept of a weekend is slowly vanishing away. Very soon, this will be 24/7 and then a lot more than that. Considering that recruiting hasn't even begun yet, the future looks BUSY.

We have a cohort level sports challenge (the first in a series i guess) this evening, I am yet to write that article for ChiBus i am supposed to submit very soon and I should find time to do that winter shopping I have been postponing for quite some time. I also have to submit a write up to my LEAD facilitators and a dance class to attend. All this and I haven't even brought up the topic of class work. I should get going...

Th next week will be rougher, will be more fun and it will get over in a week too :)


The Indian Alchemist said...

Great to know that Iday..Enjoy the time..

Shobhit said...

Great going Iday!!
Looking forward to hear more from u.. :-)

Ramkumar said...

every was fun, fun, fun.

well.. as a gud idol for many mba aspirants, is it that u don't want to intimidate those guys.


u r trying to say to urself again and again it is not hectic. its ok to b overwhelmed sometimes.

:) Whatever have fun!

Eleventy Seven said...

Hi Iday

Been following your blog on and off for a while. A good friend of mine also referred me to you (N.Shah). She also keeps harping about the schedule and the experience that GSB is turning out to be.

I wanted to write to you perhaps on your e-mail id but couldnt find it here. It would be nice if you could give me your id ... I'll write in.