Friday, June 22, 2007


Life has been busy, and a bit bad. That's what's keeping me away from the blog. But it is all over now, and for the good.

I thought I'd get a ticket on my preferred travel date easily, but i had to go through hell before i could finalize my tickets. The short of it is that i have reserved my tickets to Chicago, with a stopover at London, in British Airways on the date i wanted. Since i booked the tickets through my company travel agent, i got a cool 10% (around $100) discount on pretax ticket price. BA has also opened their student discount season, where the term discount is obsolete. The ticket prices dint change at all, but students are allowed carry an additional check-in baggage (3 instead of 2). This isn't any incentive for me, as i don't think i will be taking more than 2 check in bags. I'll write about the BA trip experience once the trip is over.

I still haven't heard from my leasing agent. I think I'll received information on my apartment choices only in early or mid July. Even though it is cutting too close, i think it is okay since I'll get an apartment for sure :) I have also submitted my GSB loan application. So that's another thing off my checklist.

Shopping hasn't been happening really, since I've been busy. But I'm not too worried as there is a lot of time to go. The Brazil visa is also still on the check list - i have all material ready, should just type in a covering letter and send the application ASAP. This is taking a long time. But the group in the Brazil trip is awesome and I'm so looking forward to this :)

Now, to the interesting part. I have complete 3 of the 4 pre-assignments. To finish the last one, i need to sign up for medical insurance (or so i think - just mentioning the name might be okay). I have to clarify things before finishing this. Just when i thought I'm done with these assignments, the career services team sent another bunch of assignments!!! I'm done with one of them - partly. It also required feedback from colleagues - and it is optional. I'm wondering if I've already loaded them with lot of stuff. Yet to take a decision on this.

We are supposed to receive the updated curriculum guide and I'm waiting to check it out. I really need to work on all the courses and be aware of what i am going to do. With the completely customizable curriculum, GSB could be a mad race and one can easily get lost. Of course, there are support teams to help u handle it - but I'm this kind who needs to be completely informed of what's gonna happen :)

I know this has been a "random things" kind of post. There's just too much happening and too many things in the mind :) In the middle of all the running around, deep in the heart, i love the mad rush :)


forrest gump said...

no, no plan of impressing DSAC - not as of now. anyways, i am already tired of impressing those folks for 2 years now, need a break!

i thought of dividing the post, but it was too much of work, felt lazy. sorry!

what is this pre-assignment you are talking about ?

forrest gump said...

where are you currently based out of ? and what final price did you pay for your ticket ?

-tvu said...

Assignments does seem a bit of work, but it's all for a better experience and education you'll get from Chicago. hehe...