Friday, March 16, 2007

One admit and two wishes - 3 months apart :)

Yeah - the folks at ClearAdmit, for some reason, thought it was time to wish me again for the Chicago GSB admit i received in Dec 2006 :)

Check out their latest edition of Fridays from the frontline, their weekly blog space snapshot. The recent post says "There are many congratulations to go around this week: Chicago admitted Iday..."

My immediate reaction was that I thought they missed my name earlier. But when i searched in their archives, the Dec 22 edition of FFF, which says "It’s been an Illinois kind of week for Juggler, who proudly and excitedly shared some positive news from Kellogg and Chicago, and is joined in the latter by Iday, who welcomes the end of his essay-writing days..."

All i can say is "Thanks again" :)


Anonymous said...

Dude, they just have nothing else to write about. And, it appears, neither do you. Congrats on Chicago.

azhar said...

way to go, u give ppl like me a lot of hope and inspiration that the MBA in a top school, is not that distant a dream, hope to hear a lot more about your experiences, and hope you will put up with a lot of questions from anxious applicants like myself..

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