Monday, March 12, 2007

Especially to the folks nearby...

A friend of mine put up this post in her blog about Tejas (meaning radiance) Vocational Center, a place in Chennai that helps drug addicts (and their family members) learn vocational skills to help support themselves once they are out of the addiction. Most of the people come from the drug rehabilitation center of the TTK hospitals, but the center is welcoming towards people from outside too.

The post particularly speaks of the Eco-Friendly Jute bags which are made by the rehabilitated folks, and also suggests that by buying these bags one can support these guys as well as help the center continue with the good work they are doing. Sounds like a good thing to do :) And bags are something we Indians do use in many places.

If anyone has any plans and needs any help in proceeding further, leave a comment and i shall try to help you guys out (either myself or i'll put u thru to this girl i know).

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