Saturday, February 10, 2007

Idling around...


After the 8 or 9 months, which were full of excitement, anxiety, hard work and everything related to these word - i find the going very tough these days, with almost nothing to do outside work! Curse as you might, i am one of those human beings who wanna be immersed in a state of being BUSY :)

I have to sort out the following stuff before i land up at Chicago
  • Housing
  • Loan
  • Visa

I have almost sorted out the housing equation, or so i think. At least the work has been offloaded for the moment :) A fellow admit from Delhi is presently on a business trip to US and she will check out the housing options during here trip to Chicago for the Admit Weekend (oh how i miss not being there). So either she will come back with one clear choice, or a group of choices and then the work begins again :) Either way, we'll have a better understanding of the houses coz some one has seen it personally. I want to close this by end of March at least. Let's see how things shape up in the next few weeks.

Loan & Visa process begins only by late March or early April. This is one thing that bugs me. These are documents involved here, and if we (R1 admits) are asked to start working on them right away i believe we can use the available time to get things ready. Having time and not using it baffles me :) If the folks there want to do it together for both R1 and R2 admits together (which makes sense coz everyone over there must be deep into the R2 work load), they can still get us started on the paper work. I don't know what other parameters are involved. I surely am gonna ask these questions once i reach there :) As for now, I am waiting for information from GSB. Till that happens - I've got nothing to do.

In other related news, i applied for the only fellowship (out of the 15 or so GSB has) i was eligible to apply. I will know the result in a month's time and i hope i get some money. Actually, the scope of the application essays are pretty huge (talk about a nations economy!!!) and in a way indicated the level at which an MBA grad can intend to play or the level at which grads from top schools play. I had to investigate a lot to fill in the essays and what i saw during the investigation gave an altogether new meaning, in more ways than one, to my future plans.

Apart from that, there is nothing special going on with life. Work is a bit hectic, but manageable. I've began reading again, with a vengeance i might add, but had to take a break this week to work on the essays. I might be taking my recommenders and their families out for lunch next weekend - that's something I've been planning to do for quite some time. These guys have been a great help for all these years I've known them and more so during the application period.

That's it for now. I'll continue idling around...


Bart Bradshaw said...

I read a few of your comments on other people's blogs and found myself here. I hope you get the fellowship! I haven't gone to school in Chicago, but I did an internship there and loved the city. Well done, getting into Chicago GSB!

WasabiPeas said...

Do you have an idea of where you're going to live? I want to live downtown but it might be a pain considering I won't have a car.

-tvu said...

Don't forget the cold. It's cold in Chicago.

shobana said...

Looks like you have put the photo that you sent along with your application:-)Is that a right guess?

Iday said...

@bart bradshaw:
thanks :)

Hey i answered in ur blog :)

and if the cold wasnt enuf, i have acute sinusitis :D

nope :)

Sudha said...

hey, good luck with the housing and fellowship... and stop complaining about the lack of work!!!
do let me know when u r coming to bangalore.

Iday said...

thanks - will keep u posted :)

Sreenath said...

hey buddy...I have couple of my close buddies put up in Chicago..let me know if i can be of any help

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a R1 Applicant who did not get in. However, during my visit to campus I found that most ppl live about 20 mins away in Linkin Park or Gold Coast. Some first years also live in Hyde Park, but every single one of them said that they would rather be living in Linkin Park. Just some thoughts for you! Hope it helps.