Friday, February 02, 2007

Enrollment at Chicago GSB - Check

Exactly a week after i posted my enrollment package in Chennai, it reached the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Chicago GSB on a (as usual) windy morning on the 31st of Jan 2007. Two days later, the status of my online app changes from "admit" to "accepted offer". Everything seems to have been okay and I am officially a member of the class of 2009 :) Of course, there is a verification process to follow.

Among awful work load, I've been frequenting the admitted students forum and the place is busy. I guess it'll be something more than busy after the R2 results are out. I am getting the feel of what Chicago GSB calls "the community" :) The first official gathering of admitted students, the Admit Weekend, is scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of Feb. I wont be able to travel, but i know i am missing a lot of fun and meeting up prospective classmates.

Now that i have done all that i can do, i am waiting for the other stuff to begin - Visa and Fin Aid being the ones i am eager to begin. Everything begins in late March or thereabouts. Having applied in R1 and been admitted in Dec, there is a 3 month duration when the admitted student has nothing to do. I believe this is an area to improve - i can at least start the applications now! I'll see if something can be done about this, once i get there :)


Achilles said...

hey iday,

congrats for being the official member of GSB 2009 class.
btw i didnt get ur mail on my yahoo account...did u reply to my yahoo mail account, can u check it once...sorry for bothering u again


scipio said...

Go Iday... I guess Visa and Aid is the next milestone on your path.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask if u took toefl.I actually asked kellogg for a toefl waiver and they have denied it.I am from India

Ramkumar said...

try getting into shape da.
u shud b able to absorb the stress for the next 2 years and thereafter.

asiangal said...

Do you know of any other admits from your area entering Chicago this year? Maybe you can arrange for your own mini meet-up for you and your future classmates. =)

Achilles said...

got ur mail, thanks :)

Enduring Voyager said...

I have been reading your blog for a month now...its pretty inspiring...
I plan to apply for the Fall of 2008.....
GSB,Chicago is one of my target schools...
Something else…..Chicago has toped the rankings in Business Week this month..
All the best in your Endeavour…
Once again Congrats !!!

Iday said...

I resent the mail.

yeah man. I've gotta wait till late March for all that to begin. As of now, i'm chilling out after a year :)

Kellogg doesnt waive TOEFL for Indians. I took the test for Kellogg.

It's work in progress man. I've began going to the gym again :)

That's a sad story. There is no one else going to Chicago GSB from my city :) Waiting to see if someone wud get admitted in R2.

@enduring voyager:
thanks :)
and ATB :D

jane said...

hey iday! dropped in here to say hello and a nice to have met you at the reception! and here i see you are off to study further in the US of A! congrats!! :-)

Iday said...

really glad to have met you as well :)
thanks for your wishes!

vinod said...

Iday , amendments done !!! u r Iday as u r, and no more I Day in my blog !!! Please do check the Guess wat series in my FLICKr in the sides !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iday,

I ahve mailed you on your gmail address. Can you please respond?

Regards & best wishes

MBA Aspirant said...

Congratulations! Chicago is the best. Hope you enjoy your time there. I have applied to Chicago as well in R2. lets hope I get an interview call.

Achilles said...

hey iday,

i sent u another mail buddy:), i know there have been lot of queries

Anonymous said...

How are you going to finance your MBA? Are you paying it through personal funds, loans, scholarships? (I'm curious b/c I might have to loan almost all of my bschool costs...and I want to know how others are tackling this problem)

Iday said...

thanks. I saw the pics - they're really good :)

I've loads of mails. I'm responding to them as and when i get time. If i still havent, i soon will :)

@mba aspirant:
Thanks :)
All the best for ur application.

I'll see what i can do.

i'll have to loan all my costs as well. i have absolutely no personal funds :)

VenusDiCyndi said...

hey~i got the Chicago GSB
interview invite!! got a step closer ;)

WasabiPeas said...

hello, hello I will be attending the GSB as well..looking forward to it!

Sreenath said...

Congrats and all the best man!!!

Iday said...

Hey that's awesome :)
Hope u do the interview really well and keep up the dance club promise ;)

Hey - glad to know you :)
Thanks for dropping by.

thanks :)