Thursday, April 16, 2009

BoB nomination again!

A special shoutout to the BoB team for shortlisting me one more time this year. I've been honored with the BoB award two years in a row, and I'm extremely thrilled to be nominated again. I am not very sure about making it to the final list, I have been extremely irregular and blogged very little these days - thanks to a business school that keeps us busy till the very end (and our end is not too far). Also, there is a lot of very active and very good bloggers in that list with me. But i'm happy to even make it to this list.

I have a promise to fulfil - the @Booth series of posts. I'm gonna make that happen in the next few weeks for sure! I dunno how, but i realize I just have to find time. I also have a lot of things to write about - like my amazing Spring Break trip to Africa with a bunch of Boothies. Hopefully I'll find more time to share that experience with you!

Hope everything is fine with everyone, and all of you are living a happy life in your respective quarter of the tiny little world. Hope to speak more to you all in the days to come...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Congrats for the nomination!!

You may not have been that regular, but your posts on the blog (and the older ones on PG) have always been source of inspiration.

Hope to see the Booth series completed soon.. :-)