Monday, February 09, 2009

Back Back Back

Oh I'm back!

The last few weeks have been crazy. Ever since school started this quarter, it's been like someone took over my life. It is all my doing though, but I dont repent it. How much ever painful the last few weeks have been, they were also a lot of fun!

So what have I been upto - lots of things. First of all, I signed up for four courses this quarter, hoping to have a lighter last quarter. Strangely, ALL four of my courses have a LOT of work. Like one deliverable every week. So with all that reading, writing and group work - academic work this quarter is HEAVY. Then there is the annual New Venture Challenge; my team just submitted our application. And then there is campusCATALYST, where i mentor a group of undergrads who're consulting a Chicago based non-profit.

But the thing that took most of my time these past weeks was also the thing i enjoyed the most - giving mock cases to first years to help prepare them for their interviews. It has been most satisfying to offer feedback to these folks and then watch them come back as better candidates. In the process, I've also learnt that there are a gazillion ways to approach any case. I've learnt a lot of new case tricks from these first years!

Oh with all the work - I managed to exhaust myself beyond belief and promptly fell sick. It was kind of weird though, as I wouldnt get well for like two full weeks.

I'm well now, the cases preps season is over and we dont hear about NVC till end of this month. I feel like I've reclaimed my life, not kidding!!! So now it is time to get working on the promised series of posts.

And oh - i'm going to Africa this spring break. Bloody thrilled about the trip - minus the paper work part :)


Maxwriter said...

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have been a regular reader of your blog for the last few years..

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Juggler said...

Oh God! I need to call you...