Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wind on your face...

This might sound mundane for many of you, but I just realized how blissful it is to experience a ride with the wind flowing on your face. Especially if the ride happens to be right next to a beautiful water body like Lake Michigan. To really understand what it means, you must have experienced the Chicago weather. Not just the winter, but the stop-gap method in which it transitions from winter to summer.

That's right, Spring is not a long-term affair in the windy city. There's really 10 - 15 days of spring, not continuous; and then the sultry summer is here. I just happened to be in the right place (inside a car on the lake shore drive) at the best time possible - a springy dusk. My heart weeped like a kid whose candy was stolen, when the car took the exit closest to my destination.

In one blissful moment, I suddenly felt at home.

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Anonymous said...


I have only recently started reading your blog, and so far, it has been an interesting read. Thank You for sharing your experiences!

I have a question for you - for a career-changer who wants to make it in finance, would you say that schools in New York (Columbia, Stern) and Boston (Sloan) would be better because of their proximity to Wall Street, or should one consider the strength of Chicago GSB's academic program above Columbia, Stern, and Sloan.