Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter - Finally!!!

It supposedly feels like -30 degree C outside. The Lake is freezing right in front of my eyes, or may be not!!! This is the coolest it has got this year - and i am stuck in my room preparing for tomorrow's midterm. Once it is over, i am gonna hit the roads and suck up to the cold :D

I know - i am strange. I like, no I LOVE, the dead cold of the winter!!!

BTW - here's the view of Lake Michigan from my home.

It looks still and it definitely looks cold! What will it feel like to stand at its shores, when it is in this kind of a sullen mood??? I intend to find out soon and I'll let all you once i know ;)


Chitra said...

Whao!! Go figure and let me know how it felt... ;-)

kapil said...

Hi ... I am first time visitor to your Blog and appreciate the insights your posts provides. Keep it up !!!

I applied to the Chicago GSB in R2 and will be flying from Cyprus to Chicago next weekend for interview. Your inputs will be big help.

Kapil (